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Drauben en der Natur!

Drau▀en in der Natur! is a summer study-abroad course offered by the WVU Division of Forestry and Natural Resources that will expose students to natural resource and protected land management on an international level. Students will travel to Washington D.C., Germany, and Austria, learn directly from professionals in outdoor seminars and actively participate in research projects. From studying in Hannover’s famed Baroque Gardens and exploring the fabled mountains of the Harz National Park, to researching wildlife along the Danube River and walking the halls of medieval castles, students will have the chance to compare and contrast some of the most respected resource management techniques in the world. In both urban parks and rural forests, students will be exposed to a myriad of current management topics like recreation planning, invasive species management and visitor monitoring.

Not only will the students grow personally by being immersed in a foreign culture, but the lessons learned from Drau▀en in der Natur! will give them an edge professionally by allowing them to think and solve problems with a broader perspective.

In addition to venturing through Europe’s great outdoors, the students will share their experiences, pictures and videos on this blog. Master’s of Journalism candidate Corey Preece will be producing content and maintaining this blog for the class. Business and International Management student Daniel Carlson, Wildlife and Fisheries graduate Audra Sabo, Master’s of Parks and Recreation candidate Chris Caplinger, and Parks and Recreation graduate assistant Teri Chuprinko will also include their thoughts, reflections, and multimedia content to the blog.

For more information about the course visit the class website at

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5 Aug

A city of beauty.

Authored By Corey | August 5th, 2011

Prater Sky Lift

Before I came to Vienna, I had only seen awe-inspiring pictures of centuries old buildings and magnificent sculptures and urban art work. I had heard the whimsical musings of the city’s great composers, Mozart for instance, but I didn’t really have a true idea of what the ultra-historic Austrian capitol was all about.

Opera House Side

Like a fine painting or perfectly rendered photograph, Vienna is a city of a thousand words. Breath taking, fantasy inducing, majestic. All of these terms match these ancient confines perfectly but none of them actually define the lush landscape surrounding Vienna, simple words can’t produce the feelings of seeing an Emperor’s palace, and these collections of letters will never capture the energy of the people that make Austria’s jewel city such an exciting place to visit.

Castle Beautiful

Vienna is laid out similar to Washington D.C., and our nation’s capitol appears remarkably similar. However, when you take a finer look instead of a fleeting glance, you realize that the facades, terraces, and structures are the same ones that have been created by dynasties and kingdoms…not acts of Congress or Urban Renewal. For as beautiful as the Capitol of the United Sates is, it’s history, it’s story, and it’s beauty will sadly never compare to the beauty of Vienna.

Library of Vienna

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